• Day11

    Collingwood Eco Adventure Tour

    August 3, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    *** Sorry for the delay in posts. For anyone wondering, we are alive and made it to Charleston Lake PP on August 5th...whoops! We have been camping with family and are making great memories. Now back to the posts**

    Our next adventure took us to the town of Collingwood where we took part in an absolutely awesome Eco Adventure Tour.

    Our tour started off with our guides gearing us up into bad ass climbing gear including helmet, harness and all. After getting some basic info and instructions we hopped on a cute tractor and wagon ride which took us up to our first event, the Tree Top Canopy Walk.

    Although all the activities were great, the Tree Top Canopy Walk was both our favourite! We were given a quick safety training session teaching us how to attach and detach our safety hooks to the ropes above and then we were off on our own. It was intense! We started in the tree tops, walking across rickety, wobbly and to be honest, sketchy looking, wooden bridges. The bridges were about one foot wide and help up with cables on either side. You could easily fall off, but would then be caught by your safety all likely hood, a rather painful experience we thought. There was a total of 7 bridges and fifteen trees throughout and the further you went, the higher in the tree tops you got. It weebled and wobbled and eventually, at the end, it took us to our first of 3 ziplines.

    The first zipline was a pretty fun ride. Mom handled it like a champ and I needed a BIT more encouragement to actually step off that bottom step. After we both made it to the bottom alive we took another tractor ride to the caves.

    We enjoyed a tour of some neat caves and learned the history behind them. The best one was a teeny tiny cave called "Fat Man's Misery". It started out just big enough to stand and fit your shoulders in but eventually got super dark and the final crack (that you needed to fit through to get out) was a total 36 cm wide!!! We both made it through luckily!

    After the caves we took another wagon ride to our 2nd zipline. This one was a bit longer than the first and had a nice view of the area! It zipped us right back down to the registration office where we finished off the tour.

    After the tour was done, we hiked back up to the top of the area to go and try out the dual zipline! This zipline was 2 ziplines running parallel to one claimed to be the longest zipline in Canada! You knew this zipline was a bit more serious as there was a mandatory safety/practice course before you were allowed to continue on to the actual thing! After getting harnessed up again, and passing practice round we climbed a crazy number of stairs and waited for our turn. This zipline was so much fun!! We zipped down it side by side with a great view of the park and area below this.

    If you're ever in the Collingwood area you definitely need to check this place out!
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