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    Day 20 - Not Punta del Este

    January 17, 2019 in Uruguay ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    It seemed like a nice day as we pulled into the Punta del Este harbor and anchored about 7:00. Punta del Este is known as the St. Topaz of South America for it's long, pristine beaches and is a getaway for rich (and not so rich) Uruguans and Argentunes. The sun was out, although the forecast high was only 71. I had just gotten my tender ticket (another port without a pier long enough for the Eclipse) when the captain announced that the port was closed because of a deteriorating weather forecast after noon. That meant another sea day - bummer.

    Gail was not feeling well so I visited the Medical Center and got some patent medicine for her. She nursed a sore throat and headache in the room most of the day. I read a book I'd picked up in the Library and wandered around the decks.

    The Eclipse streamed up the Rio de la Plata to our next port Montevideo, Uruguay, as the weather closed in and the water got somwhat rougher. The Rio de la Plata (Silver River) separates Argentina and Uruguay and is about 20 miles wide at Montevideo. The captain announced we'd arrive about 7:00 PM and passengers would be free to disembark and return overnight and until we sailed next afternoon.

    Later, the captain announced that another ship was in the berth assigned to us and we'd now dock at 9:30 PM. In the evening, I went to the show (that they'd put together today, since the performers originally schedule to board for tonight's show couldn't board). The show was a variety of acts from the performance troupe and the violinist. Good, especially given the short notice. Gail and I had a light dinner in the buffet, rather than go to the restaurant.

    Into Montevideo tomorrow.
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    Kay's Travels

    Sorry about Gail. A cold??? I went to Uruguay from BA but to Colonia. Still have a copper kitchen utensil I bought there.

    Kay's Travels

    How about pictures of your table mates?!!