• Day210

    Manta Point

    September 12, 2016 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    Here we were searching for manta rays. Our guide had said we were not guaranteed to see any however most trips catch a glimpse. We were circling the area for a while, I was perched on a windowsill ready to dive in at any point, before we heard a shout that they were below us.

    3 of dived in before the others knew what had happened and we were whisked away from the boat as the current was heading in the opposite direction. As we hit the water we dove down and straight away saw a giant manta gliding along the seafloor about 20m below. It was a marvel to witness, this huge behometh of an animal, perfectly at home in its surroundings slowly and effortlessly going about it's day. I had maybe 30 secs before I was unable to fight the current anymore and the manta continued on into the blue.

    The second time we got lucky and there were 2 manta's that were swimming in unison on the seabed, everyone got a good look in as we were both moving with current and so followed their lazy movements again until they switched direction and wandered off into the abyss.

    We were only able to capture the first on camera but I know that I'll never forget the image. Next step...diving with manta rays.
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