• Day6

    Surfin' Stories and Fishin' Tales,Apr 12

    April 12, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    What was supposed to be a 1 hour walk on the beach this afternoon turned into 3 hours! We walked 1/2 hour north and stopped to watch some surfers. There were about 15. Beth, about 60 years old, was just leaving the beach with her surfboard, but stopped to chat. She was full of information about surfing, wind conditions, waves, reefs, the Continental Shelf, hanging 5, hanging 10, shark bites, local restaurants worth trying, East Coast surfing champion, Piper, who is in the water now, surfing etiquette. . . We must have talked for at least 45 minutes. Very interesting.

    Then we headed for home and met Eric, who is also a surfer, but was fishing today. He told us Beth is an ER nurse, and that even though she is " high finance" she still likes to surf! He was eager to talk about his fishing, showed us his lures, answered all our questions, told us a bit about the history of Mayport, and even let Tony land a fish! A catfish, but still! He told us his real name is Daniel Eric Boone, and he is a descendant of the famous Daniel Boone! He goes by his middle name, Eric. Fishin' tales? Quite a character!

    Then we met Betty, who was on the beach with her husband and dog. They had just come back from playing golf at Blue Sky, which is where we plan to go tomorrow. They are from Gainesville, Florida, and are camping here also,

    We took the long route home on our bikes, around the lake and through the park. So calm and quiet there tonight.

    Finally finished dinner at 9:00. Time to spend some time with Tiger, and then go to sleep!
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