• Day35

    Roses' Riches!

    September 23, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    After pressing our weary souls to stay up at least until sunset last night, we were tucked in bed by 8:30pm.  And so ... even though we slept in ... we were up and ready for the day by 7:30am. John headed out in search of coffee for his decaffeinated damsel ... only to arrive back empty handed.  There was no coffee to be found before 8:00am ...and ... he was told he could not bring it to the room!!

    GAHS: Okay.  THIS is a first.  A hotel that won't LET you take coffee to your room?!? And so, we waited until 8:00am.  I was a fairly good sport ... considering the the gravity of the situation!! 😉

    GRATITUDES: We finally got our coffee and were seated for our champagne breakfast  ... overlooking the ocean as the sun shone brightly on the water.  It's  stunningly gorgeous here!!  And ... there were so many bright white boats on the clear blue Mediterranean that that looked like a flock of seagulls had landed on a lake!  This prairie girl can't ever remember seeing so many boats in one place before! ⛵🚤⛴🛥⛵🚤⛴🛥

    And then, we settled in on two chaise- lounge chairs under an umbrella right at the edge of the lapping sea.   And before I went for a wonderful relaxation massage, I set the old boy up with water, sunscreen, salted cashews ... and ... a full go-cup (if you know what I mean!). 😉

    GRINS: So, my hubby enjoyed the sand and surf ... carefully  averting his gaze to all the shapes and sizes of topless European women on the beach.

    GIFTS: It's actually so liberating and empowering to notice the lack of self-consciousness in Europeans ... that is, on the contrary, to what is so deeply socialized into North Americans.  We noticed a young boy of about 10 years of age ... happily making sandcastles with his mom on the beach.  Her attire (or should I say lack of it) was completely irrelevant to him ... as it should be!! 

    It really struck us ... in such a meaningful way ... that our sexualized North American socialization is NOT the standard here.  We could only hope to find our way to this humble place of acculturation where who you are on the inside is much more important than how you look on the outside.

    GASPS OF DELIGHT: John spent more time in the water watching the fish!  He spotted several swimming around him ... some were upwards of a foot long!! He loved that they were circling around him like little wee sharks!! 

    GRINS: No! I'm just kidding .  He's terrified of sharks ... but ... the fish were definitely circling around him until it got too busy with people in the water. He's determined to get a snorkel for tomorrow!! 😉

    GOODNESS: And so ... we lazed away the afternoon recharging by the water!  And it was entirely sublime. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    GASPS: John got a beer ... and ... for some reason, I took a sup!  And... gasp ... I actually enjoyed it!!   What the heck???? I dont like beer. Period.  Unless maybe a dark beer on a really hot day ... but ... the Moritz was delicious!   So much so ... that I ordered one myself when we had a sandwich at "The Sloop" on the beach!! 

    GRINS: I almost can't recognize myself!   Clams and mussels in my paella yesterday .. and now ... beer today??? Inconceivable! I am losing myself in Spain!

    GAHS: We knew we were tired but didn't realize just how physically depleted we had become with our 34 days of non-stop sightseeing.  Altough our spirits were so deeply filled with all we had seen and done ... our aging bodies were having trouble keeping up the pace!

    GRATITUDES: And so ... we are deeply leaning into the opportunity to rest in this splendid space.  Yes ...  today was a real gift that is not lost on our spirits. And at one point ... the sun was glistening off the water like diamonds in the sea!! 💛💛

    GAFFAH: And then ... he dozed off. Into one of those deep sleeps! I had a walk along the beach ... returned ... grabbed his hand... and he was still snoozing! 😴😴😴

    And so ... we packed up ... and headed back to the room to shower and get cleaned up for supper. And well ... we were all dressed up ... with no desire to go. 🙄

    So ... we didn't. We stayed in our room and nibbled on our Pringles ... and then ... we decided to post this blog and then go to bed. No photos of the sunset. No fancy expensive meal. Just a very comfortable bed for two very relaxed and lazy tourists!

    Good night! 💛
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