• Day38

    With Rave Regards for Roses!

    September 26, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    GAHS: Our last day in this little paradise left us befuddled.  We couldn't decide between lounging and lazing ... or ... exploring some more of the area!  We wanted BOTH.  So we opted for another walk into Roses  ... and then ... planned to come back early enough to catch some more time on the beach.  And well .... what do they say about the best laid plans.  Yep.  Meant to be broken.

    We were fascinated by how active the Sea had become since we first arrived.  It went from entirely placid ... lapping so gently that the movement was almost invisible ... to rolling in with considerable force and creating big, beautiful, loud and completely mesmerizing white caps that slapped up against the rocks and the shore without apology.  We tried to catch this action on camera, but by the time you snap ... the best moment has often passed. 😕

    GRATITUDES: And then we decided to hop on the 'Roses Expres' and take a 30km two hour tour around the area and then up the mountain.  The ticket lady recommended we bring a jacket because it can get chilly and windy up the mountain side.  But ... all our jackets were a 45 minute walk away.

    So ... we  decided to improvise. We bought a big, bright  pink polka dot beach scarf ... lined with something that would wrap around us nicely! We might have to leave it behind 'cuz our back packs are over stuffed already ... but ... it was on sale for $9€. Still cheaper than taking a taxi both forth and back to our hotel to get our jackets.

    GRIMACES: But then ... we got worried that if we were cold we wouldn't enjoy the tour ... and ... two hours is a long time to be cold.  So, we took a taxi anyway ... just to be safe! And so it cost us $40€ for the two hour tour and $30 to make sure we were warm enough! Argh.

    GOODNESS: And then, we had just enough time to head back to "El Trull" so John could have the "best' mussels EVER ... again.  And the proprietor recommended some toast strips with garlic mayonnaise... which he said is typical food for Spain ... and ... they were delicious!!

    GRINS: And so John asked what was in the aoilli ... he said oil and garlic and eggs ... all whipped up (he made the sound effects!)!  He was not, however, so forthcoming in divulging the secret to his fabulous mussels sauce.  He shared that it is made with "many, many too much lub" (love). 😁

    And well ... it was loved right back!! Even the second time around ... the old boy was thrilled with his mussels.  His only regret was that his buddy Hutch wasn't here to enjoy them too!

    GRATEFUL: And then ... off we went!  The trip in our little train surprised me.  I thought it would take us up the mountain roads ... but ... no! We actually ended up going on some dirt paths that made me nervous! We ended up on the summit of one of the mountains ... and ... we got out to take some pics and they served boxed wine and cookies.  The train driver was quite a card and livened it up with his great energy! 😁

    We never got back until after 6:00pm.  We stopped at the market... got two croissants, some gouda cheese and some ham ... along with a little can of olives.  We poured some wine into our trust go-cup and went out to watch the sunset!  we settled into a couple of concrete chaise lounges that were surprisingly comfortable! It was a great way to cap off our evening and to finish our time here in Roses.

    GIFTS: We are entirely smitten with Spain ... and although we have spent twice as much time in Spain as any other of our stops ... we are really sad to say goodbye already.  It's truly been such a great experience! 

    But ... a new adventure awaits us in Portugal! And so ... we are back to Barcelona tomorrow so we can catch our flight to Porto ... via Lisbon ... on Friday!

    And for now ... good night from us ... k&j
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