• Day8

    A bit better

    November 5, 2013, North Atlantic Ocean ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    The concierge lounge last night although full, was much better than the previous night.
    But most people are still not happy.
    We found the outcome of the management's meeting, and it was to carry on with the trial, as they said most of the feedback was positive.
    No one believed this and we asked for the hotel director to come and see us all in the concierge lounge.
    A couple of guests talked with him, but got the usual waffle about it being for our benefit and that it was an enhancement to our Crown and Anchor entitlements.
    I got to have a chat with him on my own and I asked him about the 'positive' feedback he'd received, and he did admit that it was only a couple of positives, but they needed to let the trial continue at least a little longer.
    He did take my name and room number, which either means he's getting back to me as he said he would, or he's marking my card lol.
    Tonight Sheila and i are going to give the concierge lounge a miss and try the Diamond lounge, which is our favourite lounge anyway.
    Also in the Diamond lounge you don't find people as concerned about cruise points and trying to outdo each other with how many points they've got and how many cruises they've done as you do in the concierge.
    Anyway day two and the sun is shining the seas are like a mill pond and it's 80°.
    Then I woke up and back to reality with grey skies high winds and very rough seas and about 4° outside.
    That's it for now, I'm getting back to Alex Fergusons latest autobiography.
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