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  • Day6

    Day 6 part 2!🇦🇹

    July 26 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    So on our way to Vienna, we changed our plans and thought we’d make a stop in Salzburg. There we walked in a beautiful park with lots and lots of beautiful blooming flowers, passed the house that Mozart was born in, walked a little bridge called Mozartsteg and visited the Mozartplaz😂 as you can imagine there were Mozart memorabilia everywhere.
    Then we boarded the next train, with finally our destination for the night - Vienna. I’ve been wanting to visit Vienna so much, especially for the fact that Gustav Klimt is from here and my favorite painting is “the Kiss”. I can’t wait to visit it tomorrow and admire it from up close. We found our Hostel for the night, left our rucksacks and went out to have a look around and find something to eat. We walked to Stefansplatz with the big church, then up the road with all the expensive boutiques and the opera house. Our walk ended at the Rathaus, the municipal building, where there was - to our surprise - a film festival going on, with shops with food from all over the world and a big TV screen with a classical music concert going on. It was so pretty and magical. We sat for a bit and enjoyed the concert but couldn’t stop laughing at the Maestro’s funny gestures😂. I know I shouldn’t but it’s just so funny for someone who doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Then we decided to eat at the festivals food booths, so we had two Chinese dishes and two Austrian beers. That was fantastic to end the night with the best tone. We had to take a tram back to our hostel cause we where too full to walk but it ended up well in the end. Showered like every night, put clean clothes on and fell asleep. See you in the morning!
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