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    October 29, 2017 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Sofia – what started as a study weekend with the boys was semi-successful. Lots of study was done, lots of drinking was done by me. Sofia is not that appealing, and doesn’t get the thumbs up.
    We started the weekend in LHR T5 – and decided to go to Plane Food – Gordon Ramsy’s restaurant. I wasn’t impressed, the food was good, but not great, and serving bolied eggs without egg cups is just odd. Odder still though was how Dermot decided to eat them. I gave some instructions looked away for only a short time, and man alive! Anyway – Sofia, or rather the plane to it – during the 3 hrs on the plane the vibe changed and as we landed for most it was like a crowded pub – people in the isle with drinks the stewards had become barmen, and queues for the toilets. Hire car – manual on Bulgarian roads was fun – not, but I coped. Hotel was splendid as was the beer fridge that was open 24x7 – thank God it also had water. The place is as cheap as chips – we paid around 60 Euro – had a room, breakfasts and free drinks for that! People don’t jog or bike in Sofia – or rather they didn’t whilst we were there. There were also loads of dogs. I fund it like Kiev or Moscow in ways.Read more

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    October 21, 2017 in Austria ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    We got the bus from the airport - very clean and very prompt - sitting outside waiting for us - believe there is also a train - but it wasn't going our way. Taxi's looked trustworthy. We took a long walk in the light rain on Saturday - it isn't the best city for that - I imagine it would have been much nicer without the rain. We ate our appetiser in - it is 399 years old - sat at high tables and had a little fizz - it was a splendid place with lots of posh locals - felt expensive. Our starter also came from there - which was their famous cut ham. I believe our main came from here - and desert from here - apple strudel - far too much food though. Nice cafe's everywhere - even in the rain - blankets and heaters were available. We also had coffee here it was the guys that ran the riding dinner company's fav place - for chocolate cake and coffee with cream on top. Riding dinner company was We also went for a good walk along the Danube - we stayed at the Hilton Danube which was quite a way out of town - but the Metro System is very efficient. We bought a 24hr ticket.Read more

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    September 29, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    TKD World Championship competition - 3 medals. All the kids did well. Loved Stena in both directions. Charging all the devices continues to be a challenge.

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    What was i thinking...

    September 23, 2017 in France ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    It was 04:00 in the morning and I was getting ready to head off on a ferry to France. 800 or so eager participants on one ship, that would then tour around French lanes mostly on the right side of the road. Cold start turned into a very nice day, even the many accidents didn't dampen the spirits. The hill back to the car park above Dover was a killer- but slow and steady won the day. I would do it again even with all the faff of passports etcRead more

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    September 16, 2017 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    VMworld 2017 was a great event. Learned loads and had a good few beers, and got to see the Kaiser Chiefs.

    The trip out was eventful - we had a great time in the CX lounge at Heathrow - food, champagne, and then separated when I was unexpectedly upgraded. Didn't take full advantage of it though as we were already well on!

    Tough week of learning and drinking.

    Got bitten my mosquitos and looked like a weirdo when I got home.
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    August 21, 2017 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    I don't like Jet Lag.

    It was a 5 hour flight back from Boston on Dublin that took off just after 9 and so landed in US time at some un-godly hour - it was 07:30 in Dublin. The hotel laughed when we tried to check in - there would be at least a 90min wait for a room. We manned up and headed out for our day - without the sleep that I wanted and needed, and joined the biggest queue ever to get into Comic Con Dublin. It was a bit of a let down - the stars that were attending weren't that wow. I think my overwhelming memory is of sweaty teenagers, sweaty smelly teenagers. Thankfully not my own - everyone else was over excited we were somewhere between zombies, walking dead and emotional due to sleep deprivation.

    We had lunch and by then it was morning in the USA and we had a short lived moment of being alive, had some lunch and returned to the hotel for a couple of hours sleep.

    The sleep worked and after a shower we were in the restaurant for an end of holiday trip meal - and Jane and I decided to take on the meat challenge this time around - we failed.
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    Fall River / West Port

    August 21, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Having left Feargus and Barbs behind we travelled down the coast visiting Plymouth - not sure it is true but on seeing the famous rock - it was clear that at some point it had split. A random close by claimed that this happened in the 50s when they decided to move it and they broke it - only in the US of A.

    We've been to Cape Cod before and this time we stayed a little longer and off the cape - in a place called Fall River. Hotel was just Ok. We cycled, went on a crips tour, walked around the town centre, had lunch and went to watch some more baseball, watched an NFL game, shopped a bit more - and probably didn't spend enough time out in the sun. I ran with the Cape Cod Beer Company again - this time doing the 5 miler - and enjoyed the beer on a rather sweaty return. We even went to the local quiz.

    Before we knew it it was time to start heading back to Boston for our flight back to Dublin.
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    August 21, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We caught up with Feargus and Barbs on our return from Portland. Their drive was horrible - however we did eventually successfully met in time see Coldplay. Feargus' bad day continued when he was stuck in the car park for a further couple of hours. The day after we brunched and then we headed out around some brewery tours and later in the day went out for a very successful and memorable 2 hour fishing trip. Feargus claimed we caught 200 fish I would guess that it was more like 150. Either way a massive haul of Mackerel. We fished with just the hooks glistening in the water - no bait. Fish blood and guts were everywhere with Feargus being the most covered by fish bits because of servicing his rod and Téa's rod. The two of them were at the back of the boat - top tip for fishing - this is the place to go. The fish guts smelt and the car was full of that aroma on the way home. I think Barbs probably burnt the clothes that Feargus had worn - that smell was never going to come out.

    Talking about burning - we also managed to fit in a visit to Salem, and within the museum were told all about the witch trails.
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    August 3, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Maine was better than I expected it to be, Portland was bigger, but not so big as you would get lost. On the first night we went for burgers and beer along with a trivia night that we did pretty well at. Food was nice but having treated the kids to a holy donut made from potatoes everyone hand difficulty finishing their food. Dermot signed a contract toto allow photos of him - I think it cost me about £100 in new clothes. Second night we took full advantage of the happy hours. The embassy breakfasts were also very filling. Egg chef here was good. We also went to Alagash brewery for tasting, craft beers are a big thing in Maine, and a game at the SeaDogs before leaving we went out on a real lobster boat. Lots of shopping at Freeport & Kittery.Read more

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    First few days

    July 31, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Immediately on arrival, Jane and Dermot were off in an Uber to watch all time low - they missed the first of the support acts, but saw every one else. Dermot seemed happy with the result. Next morning Hertz did their best to rip me off - but I was ready for hire car nonsense , and ensured that all the unauthorised charges were dropped- why are hire car companies allowed to behave the way that they do? The off for some civil war reenactment, and then some shopping. Next day was a early morning run for me, burger and then Blondie and Garbage- Jane says it's because I don't like live music - but to be honest parts of it just showed Debbie Harry to be quite a spritely 71 year old, maturing well, but passed her prime.

    We also visited Minute Man - not sure what we expected - but it was a flute and marching band from the colonial days together with a talk about how the English were defeated by the Americans.
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