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  • Day4


    August 23, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    As we were crossing a bridge travelling back from Maligne Canyon to Jasper, Ryan thought he spotted a bear swimming across the rapid flowing river. We continued across turning onto the very busy highway 16 where we pulled the vehicle over to see if we could get a closer look. Waiting for a moment for the traffic to thin out, we quickly ran across the highway to the other side to the area we figured we may get a closer look at this bear. Still unsure if this was even a bear, we continued to search. We decided to head back to the vehicle and pull over to the lookout point just ahead. Josh started walking closer to the area when Ryan called out, "There he is...Josh Run!" The bear was running right towards Josh! We all started running back towards our vehicle. Unfortunately, we didn't get the best shots of the bear, but as you can was definitely a bear running right for us! What an adventure and adrenaline rush!Read more