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  • Day37

    Now on the Hurtigruten boat Nordlys

    October 5, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Today is an exciting day as we are now on the boat that we will live on for the next 12 days. This morning, after our sumptuous breakfast we packed up and checked out of the hotel at midday. Got a taxi to the terminal where we could leave our bags (which would be taken to our cabins) and then we were free for a few hours as check in to the boat wasn’t till 3, boarding at 4 and cabins ready at 6!

    So Amr and I went to an exhibition of Edvard Munch paintings...really good - he is so famous for the Scream that I hadn’t realised he did so many others and it was really good. Another building had the permanent exhibits - more Munch and other Norwegian artists, and some modern art - Picasso, Bracht, that took the time till we could check in and board our ship.....

    And here we are snugly in our cabin. Now writing a bit later as we had a briefing before when I was writing - about the ship and excursions and meeting the crew etc...a sort of routine as on all ships I guess, like we did on the river cruises. I think there are about 350 passengers...but people come and go at the various ports. We found our cabin and are amazed at how spacious a small space can be! Had expected to be more cramped...there is a luggage room where we can put suitcases, but we probably won’t bother as they can be put aside easily. When we arrived the beds were put away. One was a couch and one pulled down from the wall. But we pulled them into their bed formation and don’t think we’ll put them back, as plenty of room with them down, and we won’t be in here much except to sleep. Bathroom small but all works perfectly, and there are shelves and spaces to put things everywhere. We have completely unpacked - luxury!

    Carole and John booked a posher cabin than us, and with their package they get free wifi, and can log on 5 devices each! so John has very kindly let me log on my iPad, and the wifi seems good, so I think I can do the blog. We have been allotted dinner sittings and we are at 8pm which is good. C and J have been put at a 6.30 sitting and may change to coincide with us at the same table, but I think they actually prefer earlier, so we’ll see. Dinner tonight was a buffet free for all, delicious food but I can see why they regulate the times, tables and sittings as it was chaotic and people who didn’t get in early had to wait for quite a long time.

    Anyway, we left at 9.30 pm and I was out on the deck well rugged up as it was cold. Amr found it too cld and sought a warmer vantage point, but it was such fun seeing the lights of Bergen receding...just beautiful, and a huge, low, almost half moon low on the horizon. Gorgeous. Now clean and tucked in...there is even a pull out clothes line in the bathroom, and a heated floor (the bathroom floor was heated in the hotel too)...I guess Norwegians know all about cold. Now 11pm and will try to sleep, but rather excited!
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