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  • Day39

    A P.S from Monday

    October 7, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

    Just have to add that it is now 10.15pm and all cosy in bed, but at dinner (again a delicious meal, 3 courses beautifully presented, no choices, one always featuring fish, and just the right amount!) they announced that the northern lights were again visible, so we went out and again you could see them, more dramatically than last time! It’s hard to see vibrant colour, more just light and a hint of green to the naked eye, but still pretty thrilling. I put on both jackets at once and found that this works well in the cold!! Aren’t we lucky....the weather has so far been so kind, and there are predictions for more of it tomorrow. Glad to see the lights before going to bed and having to drag on clothes over nightie to go up on deck at midnight to watch!!! We have just docked somewhere for 30 minutes to offload and load cargo, and we have about 3 short stops during the night - about 2,4 and 5 you get used to the boat noises during the night. There was a small amount of boat rocking now we are in the open sea for a while, very mild - in the fjords it is so calm. Off to read and sleep.Read more