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  • Day39

    Quiet rest day in Bourges

    September 6, 2021 in France ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We really have had a quiet day, as it is too hot in the afternoon to do anything! I so hope this Indian summer ends soon…. It was lovely getting up this morning with no time constraints, had the usual satisfying breakfast, and went out on the town again. Pleasantly cool till the sun is overhead, and we found our way up to the cathedral again, and are learning the maze of streets. Even though this is quite a big town, it was very quiet on a Monday morning. We don’t know if it’s covid, but certainly the lack of tourists would be. In some ways it is lovely to be free of groups being guided round, but that means that lots of places are closed. After a coffee break we sat on a shaded seat in a park near the cathedral and read kindles.

    Then back to our room to blob and have baguette and cheese and relax even more. It is nice to intersperse days in guest houses where you are very involved with the hosts, and feel responsible for being a good guest, with impersonal hotel days where you come and go and no one cares!

    So we roused ourselves again and found another shady seat in another spot near the cathedral for more kindle moments, and listening to podcasts in Amr’s case. While there I actually did see a group of retiree tourists being taken in a little train to see the sights, but not foreign tourists. Maybe we are the only ones!! Then we went at 5 o’clock to have a beer, much needed, despite not even having walked much, and found that they will be open for dinner tonight - they were closed yesterday…we had spied some nice salads on their menu…so we will return there soon.

    Yesterday we lit a candle for Ira in the cathedral - specially for heaven-sent wishes for operation on her wrist and nose today, and she is back and sounds on email as chirpy as ever, so we think it worked. And another personal mention is we are very proud of Liv who did really well in the HSC trials…and those poor kids still have to cope with the very uncertain details of the actual HSC. Anyway, good on Liv!

    So off to dinner soon, and tomorrow we walk about 15 kms to a guest house, so will see what new experience that brings! Will try and get most of the walking done before the heat sets in.
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    Hark an ash tray


    Carpe Diem!!


    Thank you. The miracle of the lit candle. It worked wonderfully. Thank you.

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