• Day2

    1st week in Santo Domingo

    July 20, 2020 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    I still can't believe that we finally made it to the Dominican Republic, in all this Corona madness! Cheers to our success 😎✌️

    We saw so much in this first week and yet could also chill some days without any duties. Just the sun, the pool and a Cocktail! 🍹

    I really enjoyed the day, when Mariels Cousin picked us up and drove us around her neighbourhood. I met Mariels family and saw a world, that is so different from our European world, yet fascinating and interesting. 🤔😯
    She cooked a so delicious meal made out of rice in beans, chicken and platanos. 🤤

    I also enjoyed, that we get free breakfast in the hostel every morning and you can choose between fresh scrambled eggs or pancakes. 🥞

    The Dominican Republic offers some fresh fruits on the streets, that you would usually buy for much money in a supermarket, like the dragon fruit or coconutwater. 🥥🤤

    Unfortunately, I couldn't get a look at everything in the capital because of Covid-19. However, I do believe that I made the best out of the situstion. 🙂✌️
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