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  • Day7

    Arrival in Cabarete

    July 25 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    This morning, I took the bus to drive to Cabarete, a little tourist town famous along surfers and kite-surfers, in the north of the island. The ticket cost 400 pesos and the bus had air conditioning & a tiny tv. 😂

    I was suppose to take a bus earlier but the taxi driver didn't show up, so I had to call an Uber to get to the bus terminal. 🚎

    After 3 hours I arrived in Sosua and took a taxi to the hostel in Cabarete. It is really big and nice, most of the things are new and you can see that Kristina, who runs this place, has so many ideas to better the community, but so little time and help. 😰 And now with Corona, there are more beds than guests.
    There is also a Pool and a little pug called "Jose" to get some distracting throughout the day. 🐶

    Now I only need to learn how to deal with the giants spiders ... 🕸️🕷️
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