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  • Day44

    Got Tetons?

    July 10, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 25 °C

    Took a ride up the "Mesa Falls Scenic Highway" which heads north from Ashton, Idaho....and not only includes incredible views of the Henry's Fork River and Mesa falls, upper and lower, but the Tetons and miles and miles of farmland. It appears to be wheat but its smaller than I'm used may be only cattle feed as there are thousands of bales (BIG bales) being harvested.

    I remain in AWE of the beauty of this country and the incredible calming nature of each turn on the highway. It cannot be emphasized enough..My RV park resides at over 5,000' and the Mesa Falls highway hit 7,800' in places. I've grown accustomed to the high altitude (finally).

    I'll add only significant photos but frankly, its really hard to capture the grander, as an iPhone just doesn't do it justice and the sky changes so frequently. I think these capture the spirit though.... As I'm limited to 10 pictures per footprint, THIS one will take two footprints...
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    Andrea Gimm

    So beautiful! Reminds me of Grizzly Adams.