• Day36


    May 5, 2017 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    As promised the next instalment, I know you have all been waiting anxiously for this and we will disappoint with poor humour and dull chat!
    Obviously came here to see fantastic wildlife, mostly marine species. So Susie waits until now to tell me, 'I don't like swimming in the sea and most of the animals in there scare me' perfect start to the holiday. So the first day we hired snorkels and it was dedicated to Susie facing her fears, you could say it was time for her to sink or swim, or she needed to jump in at the deep end......sorry. Anyway she was fantastic after some gentle encouragement.
    Next day we boarded a cruise I won't bore you with the details or island places and names we went to just look at the picture of the itinerary below. The cruise was not the most comfortable our rooms were tiny and there were Americans on the cruise...... to which everything was 'super' or 'amazing.' However, what was more frustrating than the small rooms and the Americans was that we had a 'wannabe professional photographer' on board. Now don't get me wrong I like good pictures but seriously she took sooooooooooo long taking photos and plonked herself in the best places stopping everyone else getting good shots. She also spent ages so that we had all left her behind and then to catch up she would walk all over places the guide had specifically told us not to walk, for reasons such as it was a nesting site. So as you can probably gather i did not really like this person and she tested my patience somewhat. However, the food was fantastic and we had a great guide who was very knowledgeable. He had actually had an accident a few years back and had been in a coma for a year so had to learn everything from scratch! We also saw exactly what we wanted to see phenomenal wildlife and scenery! We couldn't believe how 'tame' these animals were it was truly amazing but as they say pictures can speak a thousand words and my descriptions certainly won't do it justice so here is a sample of the pictures we took, all the rest will be on Facebook, and if you get a chance to come here don't hesitate!
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