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  • Day15


    February 14 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    We head back home today. We've been following the storm that just hit home. We will have a fun time digging our car out at the hotel tonight.

    We get to the airport a couple hours in advance. Everything goes pretty well. Both our flights are on time and have no complications.

    We get in Montreal at 11:30 pm, then go to the hotel where our car was parked. We dig out the car, thankfully it is less covered than what I was imagining. We get home at 3:00am. Our friends car that they left in our garage won't start 😭. We decide to all go to bed and deal with it after some rest. We boost it the next morning with a portable battery booster.

    Our snowbank has never been higher since we've been at this house. Thankfully we have snow removal service.

    Back to work on Monday.
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