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  • Day10


    February 9 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌬 35 °C

    The morning came quickly. I got up and started packing my bags for our departure from Coco Loco. Another aventure awaits for next 5 days.

    We say our goodbyes to everyone and leave for León around 9am. This time we are able to get a better view of the various villages as we travel through them. When we arrived last week it was extremely dark. People are out in the streets doing their thing.

    We get in León around 11am and do our check in at our Hostal. We have the whole place to ourselves. It is quite warmer in town than at the resort. Thankfully there is a little breeze.

    We decide to go and walk around. We quickly visit a large cathedral and then head to find a place to have lunch. After finding a restaurant and taking a seat, the waiter comes to take our order. As he is doing so we hear a very loud siren. The waiter does not look stressed so I decide it's nothing. Ben seems a bit more curious and asks what the sound is for. The siren is to announce that it's noon.

    After lunch we get ready for our hike. Our guide Grethell picks us up directly at the hostel. We have a 1:45 drive to the based the volcano. The first 25 minutes are smooth driving. The remainder is however in a very bumpy dirt road and we get thrown around from side to side. I wish I had a handle to hold.

    We get to the base of the Telica Volcano. This volcano is still active. Our guide explains that its last activity was a month ago 🌋. She also explains that there are wild horses, scorpions and snakes. Watch where you step. Our hike to the top takes about 45 minutes. The circumference of the rim of the crater is around 750m. It is quite the hole. We do not see the lava as the sulfuric smoke blocks the view but we can hear it hissing.

    We buy drinks from a guy who carries a cooler at the top everyday and enjoy the view. He offers beer or coke. After our drink we head to another spot to go watch the sunset. On our way we make a small detour to see the bats in a small cave hidden. As we approach the bats hear us and start flying everywhere. There are many bats coming and going flying inches above our heads. It is quite interesting to watch and hear.

    When then head to a spot to watch the sunset. As we watch, we chat with our guide to learn more about her an what she does for fun in her spare time. She has 3 dogs and loves music and movies. She is very kind.

    After sunset we walk back to the top of the Volcano to try and see some lava. We still see nothing, Grethell says that we have to wait for a bit more darkness. We see a small crack with orange lava open for a couple of seconds and then it disappears. All excited we try and see if we can spot more. 2 minutes later we hear a small explosion. Our guide asks if it was us that threw a large rock. We say no, she then says "Sorry guys we have to go". Because it's active she does not want to take any chances as she has had one scary encounter 3 years ago and had to run down. We are not running down but walking fast enough. Thankfully we do not hear any other loud sounds from the Volcano.

    We get into the Jeep and start our bumpy ride back to the city. My butt is happy when we finally arrive on pavement. We are taken to a bar where we share a beer with Grethell. We eat supper there and then take a nice deserved shower before going to bed.
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  • Day9

    Last day in Paradise

    February 8 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Today is our last full day at Coco Loco. We want to take the opportunity to surf. The waves sound and look pretty big this morning so we grab a board and head into the water. The water is pretty warm for 6:30am. We have fun in the waves until we need to get ready for yoga.

    After Yoga and Big Breakfast we chill by the pool and have some drinks. Piña Coladas 🍹are the popular drink this past week.

    After lunch we head to the beach for more surfing. I really enjoyed being on the board. The feeling when you catch the wave and get some speed is really amazing. I will have to do this again.

    We have one last session of Sonic yoga and then have dinner. Tonight the crew has planned a party and a bon fire by the beach.

    We head to the beach around 10pm, the crew brings speakers and coolers with drinks. We have lots of fun dancing under the stars. A great night of fun. We finish the day by going skinny dipping at the pool to cool down before bed. With all the lights off the sky is pretty amazing to watch.
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  • Day8

    Taking in the sun

    February 7 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    This morning my body feels tired. I guess the stuff we did yesterday was more demanding than I thought. Many of us feel this way and decide to take a real rest day.

    After ou stay here at Coco Loco some of us are staying an extra 4 days before heading back to Canada. We decide to look at our options for accommodations and activities that we would like to do. I do some searching on AirBnB and suggest a couple of places to stay. I book a couple places and get help for Jamie from setting up two activities.

    We spend most of the day relaxing by the pool and by the beach. The sunset tonight is amazing. We take interesting photos with the sunset behind us.
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  • Day7

    #AwesomeFoods Day 7

    February 6 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Omelettes avec “gallo pinto”

    Burger végétarien; salade de concombre et melon; chips de yuca

    Apéro : Rouleaux de printemps avec sauce au beurre de peanuts
    Tikka Masala avec poulet; riz, pain naan et salade de papaye
    Dessert : Brownies cru (avec dates, chia, …)

  • Day7

    Waves of Hope

    February 6 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    I thought I would have a huge head ache this morning. Thankfully is not too bad :) We drank a lot last night celebrating the birthday boys. Ben had lots of fun :)

    This morning we go surfing at 6:30 for optimal conditions. I catch some nice waves, I think I am ready for the next level of surfing higher on the wave. I tried a couple of attempts but have not been able to stand too long. I think I need a few tips and tricks to get on at this height.

    For Yoga we have a different session today. Kathy has asked that we do a typical Ashtanga class. This style of yoga is set of sequences that must be followed and of specific durations based on your breathing. Basia explains the different movements and makes us go through the sequence of movements. We skip many of the movements as it could take us a very long time to complete all the sequences. We also lack the flexibility to perform many of the poses. All in all we still get quite the workout as the movements are to be done without stopping.

    We eat breakfast and then get ready to go see the help and work that was brought to the community from Waves of Hope. Initially Jamie and his friends raised money from family and friends in Canada and today tries to get help from a variety of sources. We start by visiting an elementary school that was recent built and this is their first week of school. The school is well built and has all the basics needed for the kids. A communal water supply was also built and all the houses nearby can come get access to clean water. We also visit a high school where about 200 kids attend. There are about 60 kids that graduate each year. Waves of Hope sponsors 20 kids per year to go to university. It costs around $40 a month per kid to go to university here.

    Once back at the resort we have another great window to go surfing again. Many of us head out, the waves are even better than this morning. We have tons of fun.

    After that great workout we watch the sunset over the ocean. We finish the day with a restorative yoga session. We do very relaxing and supporting poses. It feels great. I almost fall asleep twice. Supper is served around 8 and we chill the rest of the evening.

    Sleep will come easy tonight.
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  • Day6

    #AwesomeFoods Day 6

    February 5 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    Gallo pinto (riz avec bines)
    Œufs brouillés
    Pico de gallo (salsa de légumes)
    Bananes plantain sucrées

    Pad Thaï végétarien

    Tacos / Fajitas
    Dessert : Gâteau tropical pour la ma fête et celle de Marc 🥳

  • Day6

    Mmmm Chocolate

    February 5 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    I'm thankfully feeling better this morning. My belly is still sensitive but there is great improvement. There are not too many activities planned today so I will again chill and relax.

    Yoga feels great and helps me get very deep stretches.

    After breakfast we have a chocolate making workshop. Mylena is our guide and brings out many various ingredients for us to add to our chocolate. We first start by peeling the skin of roasted cocoa beans. Once that is done, we use a hand grinder to smash the cocoa and make it into a powder. We each get a bowl and start our own chocolate mix. We first add a bit of oil and then you do what you want. I add some agave and condensed milk for sweetness, natural peanut butter and a pinch of salt. We mix our ingredient and shape our chocolates. I make Hershey kisses shaped ones and add a couple nuts inside each. Ben shapes his as cubes. We then place our masterpieces in the fridge to set.

    After this session we have another workshop with Jane on the subject of Brainspotting. It is a new therapy pratice where an individual is asked to look at a pointer at different locations and keep your gaze on that point for a while and let yourself just be. It is interesting.

    It's Ben and Marc's birthday today. We asked the crew to do something special. They made a lovely cake for the guys. After desert they have Ben and Marc blindfolded to try and hit a Piñata. It is quite entertaining to watch them.

    We end the evening with some dancing, karaoke and chilling in the pool.
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