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  • Day26

    Day 7 Rest day Jharkot to Muktinath

    June 14, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    We decided to take a rest day at Jharkot, because we loved this old village, but also because it would allow us to go to Muktinath, a famous Hindus pillgrams site, but also a place at 3760m above sea level and surrounded by amazing peaks. From Jharkot, Muktinath is about 30-45min walk, but pretty steep uphill (as you climb 250m in altitude) for us it's about twice that time. Lila did a pretty amazing job walking most of it (possibly motivated by the lolly reward at the end...ahhh no... we have been turned to lolly bribery!). Lila enjoyed ringing the many bells on the way and Jean had a little dip in the freezing cold holy water at the temple at the top. There is a huge black Buddha, and other small side shrines and temples which make this a pretty special experience. After a meltdown from Lila (we're unsure if it was her hangry or altitude sickness) we walked down whilst soaking in the magical mountains surrounding us and then had what I think was my best meal in Nepal so far, home cooking from our guesthouse.Read more