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  • Day7

    Traveling day

    November 20, 2019 in China ⋅ ☀️ 5 °C

    So busy at breakfast they open an overflow room. We meet 2 lots of travelers, a couple from Bolivia and 2 women from Miami. All just arrived in China. A pleasant meal swapping stories and information. Breakfast is Chinese and Western and lots of plants available for us plant eaters. To the bus to visit Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre( different from last visit). We are offered a consult and I am told my yin yang is out of balance , lack of sleep and a predisposition to high blood pressure and cholesterol. I am damp ? And my skin is dry and inflamed. She prescribes 2 types of herbal remedies and I buy them to give them a go. Why not? We have sushi for lunch (again a bit confused as to what country I am in). And to the second bullet train experience . Frank our guide has been very informative . Again we are impressed with the infrastructure . Huge train stations, many trains, so fast and modern. 1200 kms to Suzhou just outside Shanghai - small town 11 million people. Lots of canals bridges and lakes. Too late for dinner on arrival. Royce and I split up on the train - tickets not together. I sit with a well travelled nurse and her husband who are interesting company. Luckily on arrival we are first to get our keys and there is a huge wait for lifts after us. The hotel has a more traditional Chinese decor and is gorgeous. Room is really spacious big bed nice bathroom. We explore outside for some snacks and then to sleep. A big traveling day.Read more

    Karen Synnott

    A small town- 11 million people 😂