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  • Day31

    Last Day in Los Angeles

    May 29 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Delayed post but had to finish off the trip!
    We started today off at Paramount Pictures Studios. It wasn’t as good as Warner Bros but I think that was more because we loved so many more shows and movies from Warner Bros. Playing the dead body in the NCIS alleyway and sitting on Forrest Gumps chair were the highlights!!
    We made our way to catch the hop on and off bus to Santa Monica Pier and ending up waiting for nearly an hour which was pretty shit. This ended up meaning we basically ran up and down the pier and a quick trip to the waters edge which sucked a bit but at least we saw it! We hadn’t eaten lunch and it was 3:30 so we got some hot chips and bolted back to the hotel! Our car was already waiting for us and then it was off to LAX!
    We weighed our bags and we were over! After lots of reshuffling and packing our carry ons to the max we were able to get our suitcases just under the 50 pounds ad didn’t have to pay for being overweight 🥳🥳🥳
    And then I had to walk through security with no shoes on 🙄 which was pretty damn gross! After all that, it called for some Long Island ice teas before we boarded the plane! Feeling more relaxed we got on the plane all ready for the long trip home! Only to be told we were delayed 45 minutes because of the strong winds! This meant we would be pushing it for our connecting flight. There were lots of aussies on the plane we hoped they would hold the plane if necessary!! We landed in San Fran, got off the plane, went to the toilet and when we got to the gate the flight was boarding! So lucky we weren’t delayed anymore
    The flight home was bloody long and seemed to take forever but we finally made it home!!!
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