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  • Day54

    Bad Wildbad

    June 3, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Lazy AM catching up on "paper" work. Needed to check in flight to London, ensure all set for Home Away in London, and figure out how to get from Gatwick to the last apartment on this trip. Also starting to look at theater in London. Then off for the day.

    First a walk in the woods out the back door to find the bridge that my host mentioned when I first got here. The bridge is a newly built 1km long pedestrian suspension bridge in the forest that is just being finished. The dedication is scheduled for mid July. The bridge is on the Fairy Tale trail in the woods. Lots of Fairy Tale iconography in this area as the Brothers Grimm, revered for their telling of fairy tales, lived and wrote here. I followed the trail a short ways and found the bridge, quite an engineering feat. It starts and ends in the woods but spans over open space with terrific views of the towns below for about 1K other 0.65 mile. Though it does look like they still have a ways to go to be ready for 7/15. Another amazing thing to see and do right out of my front door. I really just lucked out on this place - wanted to be in the forest but had no idea where. Since I wanted 11 days, lots of other places not available for that long. Sometimes luck is better than skill. Walked a bit more and came across a Hang-gliding take off spot. Watched one fellow got ready and took off - have a video but you cannot put videos into this blog. Not sure I could just run out and jump off a mountain. :-)

    Then off for a ride. Target was Baiserbroon - about 30 miles away. I have found a good website - -- and I am knocking them off one by one. Have done the top 3 so today is number 4, about 30 miles South of me. The town itself was nice but the terrain in this area was beautiful. There is more open space from the forest so you see pristine, steepled towns in the distance when you turn every corner. Also visited an old (built in the 9th Century) monastery, lovely grounds and garden - Benedictine monks. Found a place to park and just picked a path and walked for an hour+. Paths everywhere and lots of folk out for Sunday afternoon walks but still not hard to get away. Back to home to get the last half hour of sunshine in the back yard garden. Relaxing Sunday.

    Pasta for dinner - last meal I will cook here. Finished a book I have been listening to - The Exile - Richard North Patterson - very good. And then finished the first season of Berlin Station on Netflix. Very good as well.

    Miles: 5.9
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