• Day21

    Alaska Day 21 Anchorage

    July 27, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Up and out for the most important thing of the day - nails! 🤣. After much research we found a place near to us. Nails at California prices but not as good. Then a quick stop at Target - we broke Alice's French Press coffee maker and trying to replace. No luck.
    Tourism next - went to 2 Saturday markets - one very close to where we are staying - interesting as it was all Vietnamese farmers, tons of great looking green vegetables. Lots of good smelling Vietnamese food as well. The second market had some crafts as well as one artist we both liked. Alice bought some gift cards. Growing season is short here so fresh markets are well attended. All have flowers, especially peonies. Then to downtown Anchorage to take the Trolley tour around the city. Walked around the center of the city area - the usual tourist shops, restaurants (quite a few breweries) and flowers everywhere! Really lovely hanging baskets on the many of the streets. Stopped for a good lunch at a lively bar/pub - F Station. Kay had a salmon salad with a very large portion of salmon. Alice, the halibut sandwich. The Trolley tour was great, a very knowledgeable driver, lots of Alaskan history. Much rhetoric about the 1964 earthquake which was a 9.2 !!! Also the WWII history, especially in the Aleutian islands.
    Back "home" - a walk in the woods for Kay and an attempt to find a geocache without success. Back to get Alice to help find another one which we did! 👍. Second geocache of the trip. Minimal dinner tonight as we had a big late lunch. Internet, another episode of Absentia and bed.
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