• Day20

    Pay Showers

    August 21, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

    This is a new wrinkle for us but it’s happened twice now, pay showers! The first time, you put in quarters not really knowing how much time you will get. First quarter gave me five mins, second two mins, third 3, fourth 4. As I was feeding the clock a man came in soaking wet, lathers up, wearing a towel, he looked at me and said: “ran out of quarters”. My first time I was able to complete my shower with time to spare; I’m sure it gave me more than indicated. But I was not going to let it go to waste, so enjoyed the extra time😊

    Today’s marina was different. The machine had eight slots for quarters so I put in eight quarters and pushed in the bar. Thinking I had ample time, per my first experience, I took my time, which was a mistake! When I was completely lathered up, the water stopped. No problem, I still had six quarters. Unfortunately it only takes eight at a time. I recalled the man from the earlier experience and had great empathy. Not to be deterred, and only with a small towel, I opted to finish at the sink. Nobody else was in the place, so I set about splashing water over me from the sink. That’s when another gentleman came in, took one look, turned and left. Go figure😂
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