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  • Day41

    Day 41 - Ziegendorf

    September 30, 2020 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 10 °C

    After a long necessary sleep we had some lovely breakfast and an interesting exchange about student life in Greifswald and my traveling experiences, together with a jam session and music by peace boy. After lunch I packed my stuff & went to a non-violent action training since the rebellion wave is going to start on the 05.10. In Berlin. I met some interesting activistis there & felt my body responding strongly to the vibes of civil unrest. I'm thinking of joining the fight, but on the other hand there is Danni being demolished & that place is just next to my route to Frankfurt. So we'll see where I'm going to.
    In the evening I've been shopping in the closed Netto (since there is most often food to be found) & drove back to my parents place to rest the evening before I'll start tomorrow to Jena on my way to an old friend of mine in baveria.
    Fortunately all my papers are done now so that I'm able to go on my world trip for sure and with this knowledge I'm gonna have some apple rings now & a good night rest.
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