• Day21


    May 15, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

    We left this morning for Bamburg, an important city in medieval Bavaria. Dmitri our guide led us on a walking tour of an ancient town that was as lovely as any of the towns we have visited over the last week. I feel as though I'm drinking from a fire hose. The cathedral was impressive but not as beautiful as the one in Wurzburg. I was impressed with the courtyard around the original palace of Hendricus II, which dates from the tenth century. The filming of a recent film version of The Three Musketeers was filmed at the site. We passed a hotel owned by the Messerschmidt family. This is the house in which the famous aircraft designer for the Third Reich was born. His father was an innkeeper here, and the house is still a hotel run by the Messerschmidt family. At the end of the tour we walked back to the Green Plaza, where green grocers originally sold their wares, got an ice cream cone, and photographed the Jesuit church. We got some free time at the end of the tour, and we spent it in a park. There was an evangelical youth group singing in German very loud rock songs about Jesus. It is hard to see that anyone would find such evangelism attractive. I walked to the nearby Jesuit church and took photos. Glenda waited for me on an interesting set of concrete pillars sitting beside a splashing pool in the public park. Near the cathedral, which was dark and forbidding, a bride was making preparations for her wedding. I snapped a shot, and her groom looked displeased. However, later when we were at the brewery, we met some of the wedding party's family, and they were very pleasant people indeed!Read more