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  • Day33

    Day 33 & 34: Serengeti national park

    March 6, 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Time for game drive at the world famous Serengeti national park (🎼 “da gibt’s alles was ich mag“; do you also have the radio jingle in your head when you think of Serengeti?) 🦒🐆🦏🐘🦛

    Anyways. If you ever want to do a safari, I recommend you come to this national park. It is so unique and so much more wildlife than any other park I have seen before.

    First of all, we sleep in a camp that is not fenced. So when you go to the bathroom at night, it’s quite likely that you meet someone. In my case, a hyena 😂 I LOVED IT!!! (while everyone else was scared). It gets better: On day 34 I came from the washroom and bumped into an elephant 🐘; just to afterwards realize that my tent was surrounded by buffalos 🐃 Let me say this again: I LOVED IT 💛💛💛

    Second, I have never seen such masses of animals in one place (have a look at the zebra video). It was breathtaking - millions of animals in one spot 👌

    And finally, it is so wild and free. All you see is the savanna, an amazing blue sky and nature at its best. That’s why next time, I really want to fly across this place with a balloon 🎈

    I hope the pictures capture a bit of it’s beauty. But really I recommend you come here and see for yourself. I’m making multiple posts on this as I want to show you pics and videos.
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