• Day9

    And then on to Germeheim

    August 28, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    The ride to Germeheim was lovely and very flat – most of the time we were riding with fields on one side (corn, zucchinis, onions and Brussel sprouts) and forests on the other – it was just lovely. We paused briefly by the river for lunch and then carried on into Germeheim where we found that the boat had not arrived. Douglas and I decided that we would be a long time sitting on the boat in the afternoon so we had ride in and around the town and found an interesting church with scallops on the doors which seemed to be made of an interesting type of forged metal. We then rode on down the river for several km’s enjoying the pleasant sunshine and cool breeze off the water. We paused to soak our feet in the Rhine which is apparently a Ghostrider Tradition. The boat arrived but could not moor for some time so by the time it could there was little time before we would have to move on (and presumably get fined if we overstayed). Thus, the Ghostriders pitched in and soon had the bikes all stowed – it was impressive to see how the crew virtually threw the bikes up a steep ramp on to the top deck. Then it was time to shower and enjoy a cuppa and cake in the lounge before the 6pm briefing – yet again there seems to be mooring issues – we will not be starting at Pittersdorf now but at the lock at Ifferin, this means our ride is 36 rather than 40km, but yet again – what can you do? Suck it up and peddle on!!! Then at 6.30 it was up onto the sundeck for a BBQ – yummy salads, fish and fruit salad and icecream to follow – headed off for an early night with a very full tummy!!Read more