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  • Day455


    September 24, 2017 in Germany

    Our last night in Germany was spent in the village of Prüm. They provided camper van parking on a small gravelled area in a housing estate, next to a courthouse and a multistorey car park. It was a nice enough place, Will had a little wander, taking in the church and handful of shops but our minds were trying to get their bearings and prepare for our two week tour of Luxembourg.Read more

  • Day35


    July 31, 2016 in Germany

    We just had to visit the town of Manderscheid because it is the name of our niece and nephew's family!

    Our Board Atlas told us the stopover was a resaurant car park that was free to stay at if we bought a meal. We both expected a greasy spoon on the road side, but as we wound our way down a steep hill around several 180° turns towards the dead end and hotel signed at at the bottom of the valley, we had a suprise in store. The overflow car park where we stayed was surrounded by tall trees climbing up the side of the valley. There were some man made ponds, adjacent to a small river where a water mill was previously sited. The Heids Mühle hotel stocked their ponds with trout that they netted when they were ready to serve at the restaurant. We had delicious meals of 'blue trout' and 'miller style trout' with a local bottle of dry white Riesling and were really impressed with the quality!

    A steep hike up to the town of Manderscheid revealed the town dressed in bunting for an antiques market. The streets were lined with a mixture of professional sellers, traditional crafts and car boot couples. The main square hosted a pop up bar, cakes, music and a few fairground stalls.

    One feature of this area is its maars; small volcanic eruptions that have left round craters with raised sides, the majority of which have filled with rainwater to form lakes. We visited Windsborn Kratersee which had circular walks around the edge of the crater and the lake at the bottom. Because water doesn't flow in or out, the plantlife in the lake doesn't all decompose, making the water acidic and a good environment for bog plants. We got to see a wonderful variety of flowers and minibeasts.

    Our last activity in Manderscheid was to visit one of its two castles. For a €2 entry fee we had a great time clambering up inside the turrets and peering through the archers' window slits. We found quite a few little lizards sun bathing on the stones too! Mandersheid does have a second castle but after all the steep hikes we'd made over the last few days we decided to save our feet for another adventure!
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  • Day26


    July 22, 2016 in Germany

    We journeyed down the hillside and through cloud to get to the Rhein side town of Boppard. Will took a group of pupils from Hillcrest School here years ago and so was excited to return. Our stopover was in a large car park near the foot of the cable cars the group had gone on and Will found the hotel they stayed at, off the main square. There was a small market in the square so we indulged in cheese, fruit, veg, 4 types of 'wurst' and some smoked mackerel and eel.

    Every Friday back in Netherton, we'd meet our friend Jeremy at Ma Pardoes for a few pints and hot pork sarnies, so we looked around and came back to the restaurant in the square. It offered a good menu that didn't dissapoint. Full up with prawns, chicken, local trout and a couple of half litres of beer (doesn't sound quite right does it?) we headed back to the van to sit in the shade with Poppy and plan tomorrow. Incidentally Jeremy had also taken a group of pupils to Boppard!

    The next morning we took a trip 240m up the hillside on the chairlift for views of the horseshoe bend in the Rhein. A short walk to the 'vierseenblick' or '4 lakes view' and a pot of tea and apple strudel at 'Guideon's corner' made it a very relaxing experience.
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  • Day25

    Castle town

    September 14, 2016 in Germany

    We crossed the river to Bingen (by ferry), and we entered in to a world of castles at every new bend and turn..
    So picturesque!
    We headed up river to Bacharach (which is where the photo of red and white building)

  • Day22

    Rest day in Otterstadt

    September 11, 2016 in Germany

    Relaxing day off the bikes, with slow start and then visiting the local lake for swim and games in arvo

    So I did some math today... and my total kms stands at 729km (over half way!)

    I have a reasonable level of excitement as we are heading to worms tomorrow... I can't wait to visit a worms supermarket, or a worms church, or a worms cafe!!
    (Illy tells me it is pronounced essentially as 'warms'...but smeh i will keep calling it worms)
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  • Day23

    to Worms

    September 12, 2016 in Germany

    Anyhoo we made it to Worms and enjoyed the arvo there...
    We did 48kms today

    Worms is fairly interesting town when it comes to religion... Martin Luther (Gilands can help anyone out who is confused who he is) was summoned to Worms and my understanding was decision to excommunicate him was made here (as outcome of the Diet of Worms)Read more

  • Day25

    Sankt Goar

    September 14, 2016 in Germany

    Then on to Sankt Goar...
    We did 68kms today...

    The others were not far behind... (Sherelle had a flat today)
    Our accommodation has very adequate air flow so all are happy.

    Illy and I went for a wade in Rhine this arvo... Sandy bottom, and less than pristine waters this far down

    St Goar is a small tourist town... Shall be nice to relax here tomorrowRead more

  • Day27

    on the River

    September 16, 2016 in Germany

    So all six of us headed out of St Goar...
    We got a couple of kms out and Berns bike continued making its funny clunking noise, so the Parrotts headed back with Bern (to see Richard the bike shop guy), and Illy and I continued on.
    Today was much cooler (cloudy), and so made for nice riding. We got some lovely scenery todayRead more

  • Day13

    Sprendlingen, Germany

    July 9, 2016 in Germany

    We travelled through hills and troughs in countryside carpeted with deciduous woodland and emerged in winemaking country where vineyards stretched as far as the eye could see. We saw some stunning sights along the way, including a church built into a cliff face.

    We planned to stay at a vineyard but the stopover no longer existed. Instead we followed signs to a nearby camper van stop beside tennis courts and an outdoor swimming pool with beach volleyball court. After picking cherries from the tree whose shade we'd parked under and a wander round town we headed back via a path beside a brook and came across beautiful damsel flies and a group of butterflies.

    On our return we paid out €1.80 (each!) and 'took the plunge'. Well, Will did... at 25° the pool felt a lot cooler than the air temperature and Vicky gingerly inched in at the kiddies' end complaining of goose pimples! Her brother has now denounced her as no longer a Northerner!
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  • Day15

    We plan to follow the River Rhein from here in Mainz along to Cologne. Our book 'L'Europe en Camping-Car' from Vicarious Books recommends a route.

    We stopped off at a huge supermarket and found 'British' products in the international aisle. We also returned 27 glass beer bottles to a machine that gave us €6.07 in credit; enough to buy another crate of beer!Read more

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Rheinland-Pfalz, Rynland-Palts, Renania-Palatinato, راينلند بالاتينات, Rheinland-Pfalz suyu, Reynland-Pfalts, Райнланд-Пфальц, Рэйнланд-Пфальц, Рейнланд-Пфалц, রিনেল্যান্ড-প্যালাটিনাটা, Porajnje-Falačka, Renània-Palatinat, Рейнланд-Пфальц, ڕاینلەند-پالاتینات, Porýní-Falc, Renland-Palatinya, Rheinland-Pfalcojska, Ρηνανία-Παλατινάτο, Rejnlando-Palatinato, Renania-Palatinatua, راینلاند-فالتس, Rhénanie-Palatinat, Rheinlun-Pfalz, Rynlân-Palts, Tír na Réine agus an Phalaitíneacht, Renania-Palatinado, Rrenania-Palatinado, Çheer ny Rhiney as y Phalateenaght, Rhineland-Palatinate, ריינלנד-פאלץ, राइनलैन्ड, Falačko Porajnje, Porynsko-Pfalca, Rajna-vidék-Pfalz, Ռայնլանդ Պֆալց, Rhenania-Palatinato, Rheinland-Palatinia, Rhenlando-Palatenio, Rínarland-Pfalz, ラインラント=プファルツ州, რაინლანდ-პფალცი, 라인란트팔츠 주, Rhenania-Palatinatus, Rienland-Palts, Renania Palatinato, Renània-Palatinàto, Reino kraštas-Pfalcas, Reinzeme-Pfalca, Рајнска област-Пфалц, ऱ्हाइनलांड-फाल्त्स, Rhienland-Palz, राइनल्यान्ड, Rijnland-Palts, Rhoiland-Palz, Rhoilond-Palz, Nadrenia-Palatynat, Renania-Palatinà, رائین لینڈ-پالاٹیناٹے, Renânia-Palatinado, Renania-Palatinat, Porýnie-Falcko, Porenje-Pfalška, Рајна-Палатинат, Rhienlound-Palts, Rhine-Palatino, รัฐไรน์ลันด์-พฟัลซ์, Renanya-Palatina, رائنلینڈ-پالاتینات, Reynland-Palts, Rinän-Palzän, ריינלאנד-פאלץ, 萊茵-普法茨, 莱茵兰-普法尔茨

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