• Day9

    Devils Tower

    July 10, 2017 in the United States β‹… β˜€οΈ 29 Β°C

    Day eight: We such hiked the wonderful Sunday Gulch before we continued our ride to Devils Tower 🏞 That Trail was recommended by a camper we met at Custer State Park and it was that worst it!
    Afterwards we had a "short" ride to Devils Tower. When we arrived there we found nothing than the tower but it is really impressive! We such saw the Devils Tower and flat land around it. It was created when magma inside the ground was frozen and an earthquake put it to a 867 feet hight.
    In the evening we met some rangers at our campground we talked to.

    Custer State Park βœ”
    Sylvan Lake βœ”
    Sunday Gulch hiking trail βœ”
    Devils Tower βœ”

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