• Day16


    August 9, 2018 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    In Hiroshima the dish of the town is Okonomiyaki. And many places have a bar where you sit directly at the grill. And before your eyes the mix of noodles cabbage bacon eggs and Herb's and then some is combined in a savory noodle pie kept warm on the plate in front of you. And you can cut of pieces with the custom spatula. I got lucky once with a double yoke. And would recommend it for a good belly filling meal.

    But noodles are found in many Japanese dish. So a classic ramen bowl with soba or udon noodles had to be tried.

    As did Dilana want to try the squid balls named takoyaki which are quite prevalent in the shopping streets of Osaka. Two flavors in a serving make just moments before served it's a ball of dough and popped rice wich get the squid tucked in half way before they start flipping it into a ball. Then draped in sauce and herbs to add extra flavor.

    And one more I had been looking forward to was the Japanese grill, where you BBQ on the table itself. We ended up in a restaurant where you could order and grill for 90 minutes for a fixed price. So we tried most of the items on the list :) really enjoyed the experience, with heaps of meat some vegetables shrimp and flames!
    Would be fun to have similar at home somewhere.
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