• Day27

    Day 27 - By the Quiet Lake

    October 4, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Today was a chance to see another side of Chicago that we didn't see yesterday. Michigan Lake is so huge that if you knew nothing about where Chicago is situated you would swear that the city straddles a sea. It's no surprise that the word 'Michigan' comes from the Ojibwa word 'mishigami', meaning 'great water'. When standing right next to the lake and looking out to the horizon there is nothing but blue against blue. The atmosphere around the lake seems to create the sense that you are on the seaside, particularly whilst strolling up and down Navy Pier watching the gentle waves lap against the shore. To take this to the extreme, Alice and I visited the Signature Lounge at what was The John Hancock Centre on the ninety-fourth floor and looking out at the lake at this height, and still, all that could be glimpsed were two shades of blue. An incomprehensibly large lake. Alice was happy.

    I've just given a brief summary of most of the day centred around the lake. We started the day at Navy Pier, having lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp we added some much needed fish to our diets. We also got two complimentary glasses with our drinks. They're going in the souvenir bag! Then we walked the length of the pier, found a pleasant and unexpected beach and then walked leisurely along the lake. The weather is on our side at the moment (please stay there!) and it was a lovely sunny day, perfect for taking it easy.

    Next up was the a birds-eye view of the city which simply has to be done in Chicago. A skyline to behold. We enjoyed the view with drinks.

    A quick look in some shops and then it was off for yet more buffalo wings. Jake Melknick's Corner Tap was the establishment and it was chosen due to a good review on a website somewhere. Well, they have good taste as these wings were up there. Only eight in a portion and they were the most expensive. Not a good start. However, the wingettes and drumettes (I'm now learning the terminology too) were huge and there was a satisfying crunch to each piece and just enough sauce. I went for a mix of medium and hot buffalo wings and Alice had the apple smoked bourbon. For me the medium was just right and that's what I'm sticking with in future, although the apple smoked bourbon were also as good as they sounded. Alice definitely preferred hers. Alice also had a shake today, as the shake aspect to this blog has taken a hit recently due to vast amounts of everything we are eating. It was the york peppermint shake from the Hershey Store and she says it was creamy and smooth with a subtle hint of mint. Currently number two behind the alcoholic ones we had in Portland.

    Enough about food for now. We headed back to our accommodation and ahead was an exciting evening of suitcase rearranging. The next four days are going to be on the road again and we will be staying in four separate locations. I'm gonna need to locate those clean socks tonight!

    Chicago is a huge vibrant city and we have barely scratched the surface. We have enjoyed it greatly and it gets another big tick from us.

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