• Day19

    Day 19: Fegernes - Time for an Aquavit!

    June 23, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    After another awesome breakfast we headed off through Norway again. The weather had become quite wet so thankfully we were in the bus this morning. Our first stop was at Voss where we enjoyed a cup of coffee and tea and one of the best vanilla slices we've ever had. It was raining at Voss so we didn't much else but hang out in the cafe.

    We then ventured to the Sognefjord to catch a ferry from Gudvangen to Laerdal. Whilst the scenery was breathtaking the weather was not good so we needed ponchos to protect us from the rain. I enjoyed the ferry ride but some on the tour didn't, I guess the tour guide need to be god so he can control the weather as well. You have to make the best of it and at least we didn't get sunburnt!

    After the ferry ride we continued our bus trip into the eastern side of Norway passing by the highest mountain range in Scandinavia.

    We arrived in Fagernes at around 6pm and went for walk around town prior to dinner. Dinner was buffet and the food was ok but they did run out at times due to the number of people in the restaurant. It was disappointing seeing people on our tour blaming another tour of Asians for this when we were eating just as much if not more than them. It was the kitchen that wasn't keeping up and as it turned out the people who were late and patient probably got the best of the food.

    After tea Amy and I, Bec and Luke and Adrian decided to adjourn to the bar and try Aquavit, the local drink. We ended up trying three types as well as a few jacks and Jameson's and had a bit of a night out in the bar. We had a lot of fun and have souvenired some shot glasses to remember the night. The drinks were expensive so it's the least we could do! Ha!

    A great fun night was had and we are enjoying our holiday very much however the tour is quickly coming to an end. Only three more sleeps left.
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