• Day34


    January 26, 2017 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Who knew this sleepy backpacker town would be in the middle of such amazing scenery! But there was one catch; to be able to see the views you had to hike Ella's Rock. We knew it would be difficult but we underestimated how steep the climb would be! In total it took us 6 hours, which was a little longer than expected due to some shortcuts that turned out to be dead ends and light rain that made the terrain slippery. But getting lost was part of the adventure, and part of the locals' creative business venture. They were always willing to give "a" direction, however getting the "right" direction would cost you. And since all the signs and markers put in place by the government were tampered with we embraced the game and wandered through a private tea plantation and 6 foot high grass to catch a group of hikers who seemed to be on the right track.

    Once we got to the top we couldn't stop admiring the views, however we only got to enjoy the clear sky for about 15 minutes before the fog and mist started to roll through. This didn't stop us though from taking some amazing photos as we stood high above literally in the clouds!

    All in all, when we got back down we were very proud of our accomplishment and also very hungry!
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    Al Ottinger

    I'm impressed that Daksha joined u for that hike!