• Day35


    January 27, 2017 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Our last stop in Sri Lanka was a quick visit to the capital Colombo. We were surprised how modern and developed the city was compared to the rest of the country. A lot of the British influence is still seen in the architecture of the buildings that remain and the monuments reflect the independence gained from them. We also took a stroll along the beach promenade which wasn't anything special but gave us a look into how the locals pass their time.

    As we prepared to say goodbye to Sri Lanka we made our way back to Negombo to be closer to the airport. We were warned by multiple people and our airlines that we needed to arrive to the airport 5 hours before our flights due to runway construction that was causing major backup. So after a short nap, we took their advice and left for the airport at 2am for our 7am flights. It wasn't that busy when we arrived but luckily we had lounge access to pass our time comfortably and reminisce about our time in this beautiful country.
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