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  • Day145

    Heaven - Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary

    March 4 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We had amazing fun, first playing with them, then feeding a joey in a fleece pillowcase used as a pouch, then the other joeys and lastly, sat in the house, (on the sofa with 4 dachshunds running about and three dachshund puppies in a crate, various native birds, a snake etc) one of the wombats. An experience that money can’t buy ... literally as there is no fee to stay there, just donations.

    After night had fallen, we went around the other wombat pens, one pen of two adult common wombats and one with a single hairy nosed wombat. Wombats grow to 40-50 kg and have no concept of personal space. The small wombat joeys didn’t care if we were in their way, they just ran us over.

    We went to bed very happy.

    The next morning (Wednesday) we had been promised that we could feed some of the older kangaroos. We found two students raking the leaves from one of the paddocks, so went and helped them. I’d not think that helping with the chores is expected, but it seemed a reasonable thing to do. Later we fed the larger ‘roos before packing up and leaving to head down to stay with Elizabeth, Bun’s niece, and her husband and kids. They farm a 2,000 hectare farm, that should be interesting. We also plan to see Carole, Bun’s sister, before heading to meet a motorhome dealer one he east side of Melbourne and also someone wanting to view her.
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