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  • Day637

    Misi Koyu

    September 18 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Gümüştepe or Misi Village is a quiet traditional village on the outskirts of Bursa with lots of restored (and tumble down) Ottoman style houses and an arty feel. There was a photography trail while we were there. We stayed in a wonderful 200 year old cob house called Organic Ev which had once been a cafe and art centre. The house was simple but had a lovely cosy feel to it and beautiful walnut tree in the garden and the village was amazing. It was just like you imagine a traditional Turkish village to be: a small mosque in the centre of the village with lovely melodic azan, women making pickles in the street with cauldrons, communal log piles on every street corner, an old lady next door who walked her goats through the village and up the mountain every day, and tea garden on the river. It was almost too good: it could have been the Truman Show.Read more