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  • Day27

    Adrenalin rush!

    November 7, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Had quite a bit of rain overnight but woke up to a dry day. Had to be up a bit smartish this morning as we were booked on the Dart River Jet boat leaving Queenstown at 8am.
    The coach left a few minutes late and we were driven up the east side of the lake to Glenochry which is right at the top of the lake, about an hour’s drive. At Glenochry we were each given a large waterproof coat with a hood and a life jacket to put on, all very serious! We then got on to our boat which held about twelve of us including the driver, Jimmy. He gave a bit of an insight in to what was coming a quick blast around the lake and then belt along the river for about an hour. Now the river is not very deep, maybe three or four feet, so these powerboats are specially designed for these conditions. In the lake he let the throttle out and did a few sharp turns so we got wet and then we set off up the river and at the same time it started to rain. The trip on the river was exciting, exhilarating, bumpy and wet and at times you could hardly see anything at all due to wind and rain! Unfortunately as it was raining the clouds had come down so the scenery was not as good as usual though looking up in the mountains waterfalls started to appear.
    Eventually it was time to get off in the middle of nowhere where a 4x4 coach was waiting for us but first we had a thirty minute walk into the forest where we saw trees estimated to be between 800 and 1000 years old and traps they’ve laid for possums and hedgehogs both of which they are trying get rid of. Took the coach back to Glenochry and then on back to Queenstown, a fun morning.
    Over a sandwich lunch we chatted about what to do this afternoon for as I’ve said previously there are no shortage of activities here. We had picked up a few leaflets ruled out bungee jumping, considered zip wire and rejected it due to the likely height involved so decided to go up the cable car for views over the town and lake. At the counter the girl asked whether we would like to do the luge whilst up there? Why not. So up the cable car we went and found the luge. This involves sitting in a plastic car and speeding off down two different runs at what seems to be quite a speed. Great fun. So we now consider ourselves to be adrenaline junkies!
    Managed to sort photos so there are some from yesterday - thank goodness for the iPhones!
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    John Townley

    Good view of Queenstown Golf Club. You’ll have to play it next time you’re there!