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  • Day19

    Beautiful day ...

    July 29, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Had a lovely day today.
    Emily went walking early before she started work.
    Lacey and I headed off a bit later about 8am.
    Brilliant sunshine.
    About 21 degrees.
    The tide was out so wandered the sandbars in the middle of the lake.

    I walked into Woopi along the beach.
    Perhaps a kilometre....
    Woopi is the same distance along the beach from our camp as the walk along the beach into Cowes from the caravan down there.
    Talked to lots of walkers along the way.
    Went to Crazy Sams.... just needed a couple of things and the supermarket is too far away to walk to.
    Really enjoyed the walk.
    Will do that a lot.

    Pulled the deck out on Tin Tin and read on Kindle.
    Lacey curls up next to me and we wave to everyone who comes past.
    We are on the main entrance/exit road into the caravan park.
    Everyone looks and waves.
    Lots of people stop to chat.
    One lady asked if she could have my job when I retire.
    Found that quite funny.

    A young couple walked past and really liked the idea of the deck.
    They had driven past in a bright green Volkswagen camper yesterday and gave me the ‘thumbs up’.
    I thought they were surfers.
    We chatted.
    Turns out they are on a working holiday around Oz, and are from Germany.
    Matt and his girlfriend Jess.
    They are working here picking blueberries.
    They get paid $7 a bucket load.
    Worked 6 hours today and picked 10 buckets.
    I think that was between them.
    Not a lot of money.

    They loved Emily’s bus and are here for 2 months I think.
    We arranged to have them over for dinner.
    Will be lovely for Emily to have young company here.
    Emily is also heading into Coffs on a Friday for a group that meet once a week, hoping to meet people as well.

    We had shanks for dinner!!!!

    Lots of walks and playing in the water.
    Along the bush road into the park, Daryl pointed out all the bats hanging upside down in the trees.
    Well tonight we saw them all leave and fly towards the sea ...
    There were hundreds.
    And they did not make a sound.
    It was fascinating to watch.
    I took a photo but unfortunately didn’t think quick enough and only got a few in the shot, the tail end of the group.
    Love the photo though.

    That’s it for today.
    I write this each night laying in bed.
    Feels nice.

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