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  • Day2

    Lisbon - Arrival Day

    April 19, 2017 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    Finally arrived. Flight was about 30 minutes late, but all was good. Very smooth flight but man did we come in hot on that runway! I thought the plane was going to shake apart when he slammed those brakes. Temps were mid 70's and quite the contrast from Munich a few hours before. Headed for the exit and found a tourism office - bought some tickets on the AeroBus for 3.60 Euros each which took us downtown and dropped us 3 minutes away from our AirBnb. Hiked up a hill to the address (thank you Google maps!) and faced an apt building with about 7 different buzzer buttons. Of course I didn't know the right one! So after some digging through various apps,emails,etc I stumbled across it! She buzzed us in and we came in on the ground floor looking for 1D. No signs -so we climbed a flight of stairs to the next landing to face 3 doors, none of which had numbers. So we discussed that for a moment (or is cussed the right word?) when she must have heard us and opened the door.

    Lovely young girl who was very pleasant. She got a map out and showed us some things around the city and pointed out a few good restaurants she knew of, so tonite we are headed there! Will post some photos later. Hope we stay awake!

    So as you can see we made it to Quermesse - Casual place - I had made a reservation on line so when I came , I was greeted by a "Welcome Mr. Mark" and a smile - (probably not that many idiot foreigners reserve over the web! :). Casual place - maybe 8 tables or so - filled up quickly. Had a nice waitress who spoke excellent English - helpful! This was like a block from where we are staying so that made it even better. Afterwards took a walk around town - went over to the train station and bumped into people dancing at 10pm! See video. Finally back at apt and crashing.
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