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  • Day4

    Hangover from hell

    July 16, 2017 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    It's 22.13, and I've not long got in from dinner with everyone. Unfortunately Hope has been a bit poorly today so she stayed in today, and didn't fancy dinner tonight. We think she will be fine tomorrow. It's probably a combination of cheap alcohol causing a bad hangover, the heat, tiredness, and different food.

    Slight improvement on the baggage situation - a lady called twinkle (lol) has what's app'd me to say that our bags are on tomorrow's flights. We aren't going to be too optimistic about it, as earlier in the day she told me that they couldnt track the bags and that she received an email from Muscat airport Saturday morning to say that the bags are on the 8 am flight (which they were not); so both Muscat and Nepal airport are saying different things (not reassuring!) However, it's an improvement! We will just have to wait and see tomorrow. She said we get $40 compensation each which isn't great - but at least it's something.

    So we moved back hotels at 9 am this morning (we fell back asleep but he came back in rushing us out haha), then Hope conked out as she felt so poorly. I spent the day at the office. Before lunch, we had an in depth presentation with the man who is the founder of VIN. We found out the history of the charity, the purpose, and then specific detail about our individual programmes. I was struggling to stay awake as I was so tired and hungover, but I got through it.

    At lunch we had spaghetti in a curry sauce which was yummy! Then I got the taxi to the airport to speak to Oman air. This time it only cost 1000 which included the wait, then he dropped me back at VIN office. There was so much traffic so it took around 40 minutes each way!
    In the afternoon we spoke to our programme manager/coordinator and found out details of what we will be doing. Hope and I are going to be educating women's groups on women trafficking, and teaching them a number of life skills. I think we have to conduct some research as well, and need to do a report at the end of the fortnight.

    We left the office at 5, and I came back to the room to see Hope at 5.45 ish (it's only a fifteen minute drive but I got us both another top and some more trousers). We chilled for a bit, Hope felt a bit better, but then when we got to dinner with everyone she felt sick again so came back. I had dinner with the others then came back to see her. We are going to have an early night as we are shattered from last night - and hopefully Hope will feel much better in the morning.

    Tomorrow we are meeting our host family! We are excited for it. Today has been good, but tomorrow will be better when Hope is feeling better :) (and hopefully we get our luggage ... Hmmmmmm!)
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