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  • Day9

    DEATH road to Pokhara

    July 21, 2017 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    We are not on the bus anymore as my phone sadly died. So it's now 20.18 on Saturday 22nd, and we are just at a reggae bar about to eat dinner.

    We wished Sheri a big
    janmadinakō śubhakāmanā 🎉 🎉 🎉!! The family got her a cake, and banners, and bought her some presents. It sounded like she had a fab day!!

    So the bus was a very long 9 hour journey yesterday. It started okay, but ended up being very bumpy, and pretty scary (Hope saw a bus on its side that had gone off the track over the cliff!! - mental). Many people had told us that the journey to Phokara is pretty scary, and that has people had died, but we didn't realise the extent of it until speaking to a local man on the bus. He said that it wasn't rare for buses to go over, and that it was usually people not following the rules, or driving carelessly. Luckily, he said that he didn't know of a tourist bus that had gone over. We were originally looking at a micro bus (which is more expensive, but does the journey in just 5 hours which we thought was great at first ... but we are so glad we didn't now! Many people told us not to, and now we understand why!).

    We got in to Pokhara at around 4.30 pm, and got a 200 rupee taxi to the hostel; Kiwi Backpackers. When we arrived, he told us that there were no more dorms available (which were 600 rupees each) but because we had booked online, he had no choice but to upgrade us to a private room. Which was fab ! We were starving so dumped our bags and went for some food. Due to being so hungry, we literally went to the first restaurant we saw ... which wasn't the best of ideas as Hope's veggie burger and chips was not very nice (how can you get chips wrong???!). My pad Thai was nice, but not amazing. HOpe was still hungry so for some pringles on the way home haha! We weren't wowed at what we saw of Pokhara at this point. But we hadn't had a chance to have a look around yet, so didn't judge too quickly!

    We chilled in the room for a couple of hours, then went out for drinks ... and obviously ended up getting drunk. We went to a cute bar called Moondance and had a couple of cocktails, then a reggae bar (the one we are in now) and had the nicest cool cucumber cocktails (2 for 1) then went to a number of different bars, until we were pretty drunk, and had a fab night! There is a curfew here at 11 though which is very strange, so the police came to shut everything down at 11. So we went and got some chips from a restaurant (strange that bars all shut, yet some restaurants are open which sell alcohol?!). To be fair, we had to be up and ready for a day of walking today at 10, so it was probably a good thing that we had to go back at 11.

    Overall, it was a fab evening!
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