• Day60

    Solo Ride to Abcoude

    July 5, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Well, the kids are gone. Augie is reportedly having a great time in Budapest while Sophie and Jacob have settled back in Bolinas. Our friend Alison is visiting for the week and took in some museums this afternoon. She's been on a circuit with her daughter Ariel through Scotland and Norway. Ariel has gone home too. With time on my hands I figured it was time for another bike ride.

    I set off in the early afternoon. It took about 20 minutes to reach the open countryside. As I rode south I came to a bend in the Amstel and there was an animal rescue ambulance blocking the road. Two rescue workers were there with a captured goose that had gotten into some oily patch in a small adjunct canal. I spoke with a Veterinarian named Inga who said that they were getting ready to clean it up and release it back to the wild.

    Next up I passed group of five cyclists out for a ride in the farmlands. Two riders were elderly and being ferried by a couple of workers from an area assisted living place. Pretty cool vehicles. They are electric assist and probably cost more than a new Prius. Still, we need to get those at Eagle Crest and Coventry Village. I could see folks getting out along the rail trail to Trempeleau and circling Point Pinos.

    About halfway around the 31 mile loop I passed my dream house. If you look at the 4th photo you'll see that it has its own swinging drawbridge. Enough said.

    Next up I came upon a leaking dike. You can witness it in motion here:
    There was an official there with a clipboard and cell phone reporting the issue to a contractor for repair. Pieter Becker is his name. He suspected that a local farmer had caused the problem because it hadn't rained much for a few weeks. We talked about Home Exchange and Belgian beer. He shared that many Dutch people would try to convince me that Dutch craft beer was just as good, 'but don't ever believe a Dutch person' he said with a wink. When I introduced myself he said that this couldn't be because the story of Hans Brinker alsio wasn't true. 'This is not a true story. The woman who writes it only came to Holland once for a short visit.' I offered to show him my California driver's license but he said this wouldn't be necessary. He did want a photo with me to show his coworkers. He also suggested that I stick my finger in the dike to see if I could fix it that way. I left him with my phone number and offered to take him out for a beer when he takes a driving trip down the West Coast next year.

    As I headed north I came across another human powered ferry similar to the ones we'd used along the Leie near Ghent last year. Pretty fun. I'll be taking Nancy and guests on this loop soon.
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