• Day112

    Masvingo to Harare

    January 5, 2020 in Zimbabwe ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Today we left the Great Zimbabwe Hotel. Before leaving, we ask how much breakfast is, and were quoted USD26 per person. We politely declined, and picked up a steak pie from Baker’s Inn in Masvingo. Our vegetarian creds continue to decrease by the day.

    We managed to get some petrol at a normal petrol station which was a pleasant surprise. However, when we were filling up, a gigantic queue of cars started entering to the other pump. It seems that our USD allowed us to skip the big queue.

    The road from Masvingo to Harare is maybe the worst main road we have used. Giant potholes arrive out of nowhere, and always seem to crop up when a large bus is coming in the opposite lane, and we have no choice but to take the hit and pray for our tyres. At one point, the road ends, and a gravelly, dusty track takes over. However, this doesn’t stop people from using it as a two lane highway, which kicked up a huge dust cloud, and sent a rock directly at our windscreen, creating a little chip- we fear for our security deposit.

    We arrived at Small World Lodge around 2pm, and enquire about camping. We can camp next to the car park, the swimming pool, or next to the tables where people are sitting and chatting. We opt for the car park.

    Played some beer pong (with bottlecaps) with some overlanders who have done a similar route to us (from Nairobi), and we compare travel stories. We met the most charming Irishman, who had been travelling overland with the group since the start (and told us about this app!) and the most smiley British gent who had just joined the group that day.

    Above the bar is a Sam Smith’s mirror advertising OBB, but unfortunately, all they have is Golden Pilsener.
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