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  • Day48

    Amsterdam in Austria!

    September 21 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Omg. What a day. This has been one of my trip highlights. Everyone meet Lena and Hannah! They are twins that I met in my hostel in Amsterdam and I'm staying the night with them in Innsbruck tonight!!! Today was sooo fun and I am so happy this gathering has worked out!

    We started our morning at the 360 degree cafe where you were surrounded by gorgeous mountain peaks and stunning views. After walking around town, they made a traditional Austrian dish called Kaiserschmarren mit zwetschgen röster (I know it looks like a mouthful) and it was DELICIOUS! I will definitely be making it at home :) we used plums and cinnamon with a spin off of pancakes :)) yum. Then we went for a cycle!!! Sooo amazing just riding along the mountains and enjoying nature and just being outside. Soso great. (also fantastic that they completely outfitted me with their sisters bike, bike shorts, and shirt!!) We also thanked the farmers at dinner time for the couple of carrots and zucchinis we picked up along the ride 😂😝🫣 sooo yummy! We called off the day with some chilling and relaxing. What a day. Fabulous. Soso happy :) Lena and Hannah are two amazing friends that I hope they will come to Canada and I've already told them I'll be back for the winter season!!!
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    How wonderful to make these connections ❤️


    Wow!!! Such cool adventures!! We hope to meet Lena and Hannah back here!!!