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    london and plane to london

    June 26, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    The plane to London took 7 hours. On the plane i played minecraft and this game called candy bowl
    ing . On the plane i was asleep for 4 hours.mysister woke me up by kiking me in my face. Right now we are lining up in a 45 minute que. All i can hear is people loudly talking. When hi ! i try to talk to my mum i cant her a word im saying.In . London it is about 1 am . But in Australia it is 10 45am . They have a lift to get down to the underground trian!!!!!!!!😁😁😃😃😃😃 the trian is so hot. Right now its like 29 c . Anyway now we are in our apartment . Its very small and cosy. To get to the bathroom you open a couboard. ( i sleep on the couch. )Well anyway We have 4 hours to spend so we decided to go out to dinner. At the restaurant i had a fish finger sand witch. The fishfinger sand witch was good but it only had 2 fish fingers in it.😣😣😣 now were going to go get some food for breakfast and stuff. On the way we saw gap so we went and had a look. In gap we didnt find anything we liked so we kept walking to the shops. On the way we found a thongs shop, i bought some thongs.finaly when we got to the shops we were all so tired but we kept going when we got back we went strait to bed. Today we are going to hamaleeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In hamalys there are 5 differnt floors!!!!! Wenstart2ed from the top aand went to the bottom,. When we got up there i saw a man playing with2 a mystery ufo. So i bought one. It took my sister about 45 minutes to choose her thing.Ri ght now its 4 inthe morning but in melbourne1 in the after noon.todzay were going to London tower and London Eye . At london tower we are in a huge cue to get in but the cue is going faster than the 3 people line to get tickets. In London tower we are waiting for a man to come and give us a tour. On the tour the man told us groosim stories of how people used to kill people. Theres 3000 carrots diamond in the london eye there was a huge cue. On the loncon eye there was an amazing re view.i felt like i was a giant !!!! But when you look down the city dosnt look as nice as other city's. Today we are giong to the science museum. At the science museum there was old watches from 600 years ago. And all these interactive games. The science museum isnt really good for kids under 11.then we went Kensington garden. in Kensington garden we went to Kensington palace. In Kensington palace they had red carpet running all through rit. It was an amazing place. 10 royals live there and 70 people. In one of the rooms two people had died and got berried right were i was standing. All the rooms wre filled with loads and loads of over 200 yeard clothes, dining tables and lots of other really cool things. At the london eye there was a huge cue to get in but the cue is going faster than I thought. On the london eye there was an amazing view.i felt like i was a giant stomping on london. It took about 30 minutes for thge london eye to go fully around.Read more

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    plane to DOA

    June 26, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Its like so dark and so so uncomftable .were on a plane over night (wich is good) but it takes 15 hours to get there. After the plane we relised that you cant eat there. Because of the culture. When we walked into the airport from the plane every body was eating. Even though on the plane the pilot said you cant eat or drink ?Read more

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