• Day9


    August 5, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    We got up late. We had a simple breakfast of pastries bought from the nearby bakery. After packing our bags we checked out of the apartment at 11 am and headed to see Anna at the City Museum where she kindly allowed us to leave our luggage for the day.

    We toured the small museum for free as her guest. In the museum we spotted the new UN secretary General Antonio Guterres. There was a lot of security.

    We then headed to a nearby Resturant for lunch where we had mostly mussels and salad.

    After lunch we had a look at the 2000 year old sub-structures below the old palace. After that it was off to the beach. This time we swam near Ovcice beach a 30 minute walk from the down town area. The water here was very clear. The kids and I swan between several rock outcrops. The water here was quite deep.

    We then returned into town and had home made ice cream at "Luka". We had earlier been informed that most icecream sold in Croatia is made from powder imported from Italy. From there we walked back toward the museum and ate an early dinner (having skipped lunch) at a nice courtyard restaurant called O-Zlalta. We then collected our bags and made our way to the train station 20 minutes away.

    We killed the time waiting for our 9.44 pm departing train to Zagreb playing Uno and charging our phones. Eventually the train arrived and we were able to board.

    Although the cabins were well appointed, they had no air conditioning. Croatia had been having its worst heat wave in years. It was very hot on board. As we left Split we were boiling. Fortunately it soon cooled off as we climbed up into the mountains. The train was on route to Zagreb where we were to make a very brief change of trains to or next destination Ljubljana.
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