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  • Day58

    Corfe Caste

    October 20, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    I feel I haven't done much to write about today.
    I went to Corfe Castle, both the village and the castle which is about an hour from where I am staying. As I got to the car park the serial I have been listening to on radio 4 "Man at the Helm" came on so I sat and listened to that while I wrote some postcards.

    I started with the village, it is very grey, a lot is built from scavenged castle. I visited the miniature village display, along with several classes of about 9 year olds. It was amusing to watch them discover the various hidden bits in the village. I don't know if they saw it but in the grounds of the model castle was a blue police box!
    I visited "Ginger Pop" the Enid Blyton shop. It is very small but has a wonderful collection of wartime memorabilia and games of that era as well as all of Enid Blyton's in print and a second hand collection.

    After some lunch I went up to the castle. It was apparently the inspiration for Kirran Castle in the famous five series but is not on an island. There are great views of the countryside from the castle.
    I then went down to Knoll beach which is apparently a very popular beach. There were quite a few people and dogs there, even though it was cold and overcast.

    I had some dinner in Bridport and then came back to the B&B, I'm tired and the bed is soo comfortable!

    Corfe Castle village
    Miniature village
    Wishing Chair outside Ginger Pop
    View from castle
    Beach hits
    Knoll beach
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