• Day35

    Seriously was there a volcano?

    February 6, 2017 in Costa Rica ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Still no sign of the volcano the next day. Guess I will have to watch the Kadashians.

    We all put in $10US to hire a van so we can avoid catching a public bus. The tour company states that it is all 'part of the adventure' - yeah right. Done it enough times in my lifetime to be over it. In these countries it just increases the risk of theft and doubles your travel time.

    Uneventful aside from the crappy food stop in an over priced tourist shop with overpriced junk food. Where's my gelato to make me feel better?

    Now in the capital San Jose. A drive through city if ever I saw one. I even contemplate catching a bus to get out of here to the next place on the itinerary!

    At least I had a very nice pasta for dinner at one of the new trendy restaurants which are opening up in the neighborhood near the hotel.

    Was craving some orange juice when I got back to the hotel but the concierge told me not to go one way and that if I went the other way not to take much money and that it should be ok but it was at my risk. So no orange juice for me!

    Photos of the weird decor in the restaurant!
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